About tommy

an intelligence with access to hardware and software and time, sequencing found and self-generated images and sounds to leave behind impressionable stings on the inter-web; available for consumption by other sentient life.

a multimedia contemporary artist and designer at Bitcoin Magazine working primarily in the bitcoin space.

not really a "Bitcoin Artist" but please, pay me with bitcoins.

multimedia painter,
creative director,
web designer,
blender modeler,
video editor,
meme producer,
hi-fidelity noise generator,
pixel pacifist,
somewhat political,
bitcoin enthusiast,
adapting daily.

Theses days I'm mostly weaponizing: Affinity Designer/Publisher, Adobe After Effects, Webflow, Processing3, Blender, Procreate, Artbreeder, acrylic, aerosol and other real-world and digital media

SOON: ZBrush

I JUST GOT A CRYPTOVOXELS PARCEL!!!! –– Now I have my own NFT Gallery in VR! (visit now)